What To Read While Waiting For Gay Marriage (pt. 2)

So, I’m getting ready to move on to the second Being Gay And Loving It fest in my summer reading, Armistead Maupin’s “Tales of the City Omnibus”, which is the original six books that made Mr. Armistead the voice of an entire generation of gay folks.  Some folks say this should have been number one on my list, but sorry, “How Long Has This Been Going On” is just so damn masterful and amazing and wonderful that it had to come first.

I’m not reading the three “whatever happened to…” books Mr. Maupin published recently, because they’re good but they’re not prime, they’re not guided by the muse, they’re not sacred like the original six books were.  It’s like God came back and decided to add a few extra chapters to the Bible or the Koran or the Talmud 20 years later due to fan pressure and a new mortgage.

However, the first six “Tales of the City” are so goddamn charming and real and heartbreaking and surreal and true and wonderful, that there was really no decision to be made about what to read next.  As the clock ticks forward toward history being made and gay marriage finally becoming legal, all the good positive energy that comes from reading from our best and funniest and most masterful gay writers is essential.

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