Mowing The Grass As A Zen Meditation

So, some days you mow the grass because it is getting way too tall and it is supposed to rain this afternoon and then for the rest of the weekend and if you don’t do it Right Now it is probably not going to get done this weekend and that means by next weekend it will be a foot tall and all the neighbors will be giving me mean looks as I drive by because once again I’ve become the White Trash Neighbor.

So you mow the grass, and it’s a chore, and you spend most of your time riding with your thoughts full of angry conversations with angry people which will never occur in real life and with people you don’t even know and don’t even know if they exist but you still stew and scowl and grind your teeth and get the goddamn grass mown.

But some days, you mow the grass because it’s a beautiful morning, and the idea of riding around in the sun sounds like an excellent way to spend a few hours, and you really love the new lawn mower you bought last year because you’ve finally got a small but professional looking John Deere Lawn Tractor with the two steering bars instead of that horrible piece of shit from Sears you were using the three years previously which finally fell apart and you sold on Craig’s List for spare parts because you can’t even count on Sears for lawnmowers anymore and no wonder they’re going right the hell out of business.

And you’re zipping around the yard on your cool freaking lawn tractor, mowing in stripes instead of circles because you can do that with the steering bars and it looks so professional and all the neighbors do it and show the hell off because they manage to mow at least once if not twice a week but they’re old and retired and who cares because today I’m mowing My Lawn and I’m Loving It and there are no angry thoughts or imaginary enemies to be fought, there are just songs to sing and the pleasure that comes with a job well done once you’ve finished.

It’s just a matter of perspective.

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