Touched By An Angel

So, today, I’m standing in line at the counter at the gas station buying something that isn’t good for me, and I’m behind this very large young white woman who is behind an African-American Mother and her son, who are being waited on by an African-American clerk.  And the large young woman won’t step up in line, she holds at least a four-foot distance between herself and the woman ahead of her.  This is a smallish station and the line is busy with after-work shoppers, and I feel the folks in line behind me breathing down my neck and I wonder why this young woman isn’t stepping forward, and wondering why I’m getting this weird angry vibe from said young woman, when I suddenly get a loud screaming reading of her inner mind and realize “Oh, it’s because they’re black”.

And you would think even in Nowhere, Kentucky, in 2015, this would be a non-issue, but my Angel wings and my Angel halo went up big and fast and loud and sudden, and pretty much every bit of my being could sense this was the problem.

Said mother and child were sweet and pleasant and prompt and didn’t hold up the line, but even mom looked over her shoulder as she left the counter, as if she could feel young woman glaring at her for no apparent reason.  Young woman stepped up to the counter, paid for her gas using her telephone, as if to ensure there was no risk of physical contact whatsoever, and then said young woman promptly left.

Said clerk, who was voluptuous in the very best most sexy way possible and had amazing skin and amazing hair and the voice of an actual Angel, waited on me, gave me amazing customer service especially for a damn gas station you’d of thought I was buying a diamond ring at Tiffany she was that great.  And when she handed me my change, she touched the back of my upturned hand.  And I felt it.  IT.  The touch of a fellow Angel-In-Training, almost certainly much more advanced than I am, and she looked me in the eye and my entire day became a little bit more holy and wonderful.

And maybe it wasn’t the color of her skin the young woman was afraid of.  Maybe young woman could sense the presence of an Angel and much like the shepherds in the field watching their sheep, Lo they were afraid and so was the large young lady, because sometimes holy is something you don’t get much of in your day-to-day life and when it shows up unexpectedly you just don’t know how to handle it.

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