There’s A Brand New Baby At Our House

So, there is absolutely nothing like holding a newborn baby in your arms to make you realize that absolutely nothing else in the world matters except loving the people you love.  All the rest is extra, and most of it we assign far too much importance.

The story goes, that when Lucy wanted to tell Desi she was pregnant, she had it written into the “I Love Lucy” show and made the entire staff pretend it was just a tag at the end of the show, with Desi singing “There’s A Brand New Baby At Our House” to help someone in the audience tell her husband about their upcoming baby, and then he realizes on camera it’s really Lucy and pretty much loses his shit live in front of everyone but just keeps on singing as best he can, and if you’ve ever seen the episode, which if you haven’t really have you been living under a rock or what, it does not appear to be staged by a publicity mill, but a real moment captured on film and it’s one of the greatest moments ever filmed and far exceeds anything we have on You Tube or Facebook or any of our bullshit social media today.

Sophie B. Hawkins sang “There Is A Savior Born Every Day” and I fell in love with her talent based on that song more than all her others, because I agree with her.  Babies are important, and some people recognize it more than others.  Babies are our hope and our future and our saviors.

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