The Perfect Spouse

So, you have one of those surreal days, when nothing in particular goes wrong or bad, it just seems that everything that happens is slightly out of the ordinary and needs attention Right Now and as soon as that thing is out of the way another thing needs attention Right Now and by the end of the day you’re fairly exhausted and all you want to do is go home and tell your Boyfriend about your day over dinner even though you realize that in the telling it doesn’t sound so much surreal is you being a great whiney baby over a fairly non-extraordinary day.

And then, when you get home, you realize that you know you’ve absolutely and undoubtedly chosen the perfect spouse when he has prepared the absolute perfect meal of comfort food, nothing necessarily difficult but something that screams Holiday Weekend rather than Weekday Whatever I Could Throw Together.  And you stuff your face like a starving person while whining about your non-extraordinary day, and two hours later you’re still much too full from eating much too much, much too fast, but you don’t care because Your Boyfriend Loves You and can even read your mind and predict your moods and know what you need long before you actually need it.

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