Zen Sunday – The Rules And Regulations According To Me (part 2)

So, I was thinking as I fell asleep last night about all the things I “needed” to get done today.  And then, right before I slipped over the edge into full-fledged sleep, I thought to myself, “Why not just do whatever the hell you Want to get done, and let the rest work itself out”, and then I was out like a light.  Happily, I carried some of my own wisdom with me through to this morning.

I wanted to wash the dog.  I also needed to wash the dog, but I really wanted to get that done because I knew he would be more comfortable and happier and I would not have to smell stinky dog.  So that got done.

I wanted to fix the damn toilet so it would stop leaking inside and making drip noises and I figured wasting water even though it was leaking into the bowl rather than outside the tank.  I needed to get that done also, to back up my claims as a conservationist and to show my support to the wild west where they currently Have no water, but mostly I Wanted to get that done so the Boyfriend would stop worrying about it. So that got done.

I wanted to finish cutting the grass.  It was a beautiful day, if not hot, and I enjoyed myself zooming around the yard and also felt like I accomplished something. So that got done.

I wanted to make bread.  I wanted to get some laundry done.  I wanted to marinate some ribs all day and then grill them for supper.  I wanted to make potato salad.  I wanted to buy and hang up a new shower curtain.  I wanted to make a pitcher of iced tea using sorghum and cinnamon as sweeteners.  I wanted to do all these silly little piddly nothing things that seem unsurmountable when they are all on the Must Do and Need To Do list, but when you move them sideways into the Want To Do list, suddenly, Sunday gets its Zen on in a major way, and the weekend seems both enjoyable and well spent.

So all that got done, too. And instead of finding myself all stressed out at the end of my weekend, I find myself pretty chill and relaxed and happy.

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One Response to Zen Sunday – The Rules And Regulations According To Me (part 2)

  1. joeythebuddhist says:

    Good to hear you ended the weekend happy! 🙂

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