Sudden Downpour Followed By Brilliant Sunshine

So, we’re driving down the highway, and suddenly, we’re overrun by this harsh black raincloud that pours rain so hard you literally turn on your lights and your emergency blinkers and your wiper-blades full tilt and you still can’t see anything except the car lights directly ahead of you, and you’re trying not to follow too close, but you’re also afraid to pull over to the side for fear that the person watching your rear lights for guidance will crash directly into you and that’s always bad.  And the Boyfriend is driving, and I’m biting my tongue but mentally screeching to slow down, stop following so closely, pull over, or maybe push the secret button that turns the car into a helicopter so we can just fly up and over this bullshit; and seriously, he’s a much better driver than I am and certainly is much more relaxed about the whole thing, so there’s nothing much to worry about or really to do but just sit quietly in the passenger seat and let him drive and wait for it to all be over.

And then, suddenly, it is.  Over.  We drive out from under the raincloud, and you can hardly tell it has even rained at all on the other side because the sun is blindingly bright and the sky is so blue you’d think it were painted up there by some damn poet with a paintbrush.

And once I catch my breath, because I’ve been holding it unconsciously throughout the brief five-minutes-or-less adventure through the storm, I realize my whole life tends to run that way, or at least it does in my head.  It rains so hard that I just can’t see, sometimes, or even see a way forward, other than blindly following some vague light and trusting my driver, and I certainly can’t see or foresee a way out, ever.

But then, suddenly, always, every goddamn time, so you’d think I would have learned by now that this is true, the storm passes and the sun comes out, even brighter and more brilliant than before, or at least it seems the more brilliant for it’s recent disappearance.  And within minutes, if not moments, I’m wondering what all the fuss was about, and what on earth was I worried about, or upset about, or afraid of, and then, soon after that, I’ve mostly if not completely forgotten that the raincloud was ever there in the first place.

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