Today, We Win

So, today, this morning, it finally happened.  The Supreme Court, effectively, declared that I too am a person and a human and a citizen, and that I too deserve the same rights and protections of every fucking body else in the U.S.A.  I can go get married, right here in Nowhere, Kentucky, today, right freaking now, if I choose to do so.  Of course, I wouldn’t think of it, because Kentucky has been such a dick about the entire thing, and so I choose to spend my wedding cash getting hitched in Vermont next month, where we had our Civil Union performed 13 years ago.  But I can, if I choose to do so, get married today.  In any state.  Legally.  Universally.  And that’s pretty fucking important.

Meanwhile, Bristol Palin, who has made millions touring the country and speaking on the joys of Abstinence, after having her first bastard child as a teen, announced yesterday that yes, once again, she’s pregnant but unmarried and not even willing to say who the father is, or might be, and that makes me happy too, because she and her family represent every freaking thing that is wrong about the religious right and republicans in general.

But hey, Bristol is small potatoes today.  Yesterday she was a big deal.  Today, I’m a legal human being so fuck her and fuck anyone and everyone who has ever argued that I’m not by saying I should have no right to marry my Boyfriend.  Today, We Win.

And, as the rednecks and the republicans and the religious right has said for so long, “If you don’t agree with our laws, why don’t you just move someplace else?”  Nice to have the opportunity to turn that table, to throw that most frustrating and infuriating of arguments right back in their faces.  I LIVE HERE.  I’M A CITIZEN.  I PAY TAXES.  I HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS YOU DO.

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