Where Were You When It Happened?

I was at work when the Supreme Court announced their ruling, and I saw the headline on Yahoo News of all places first, and as I started reading it I got a text message from the Boyfriend that said simply “Wahoo!” and I started tearing up seriously so I grabbed a tissue and rushed to the men’s room where I locked myself in a stall and cried, sobbed a little, real tears of joy.

And then I went back to my desk and sent a quick email to my boss saying “I’m leaving for the day due to personal issues” and I was out the door and in my car, still occasionally breaking down for brief moments, driving and at the gas station filling up because of all days my car was down to fumes today, and then I came home and I kissed my Boyfriend and I hugged my Boyfriend, and then we had some lunch and we read more about the ruling on our computers, because, seriously, one does not expect the local television coverage to be impressive.

And then I cut the grass.  And then I took a shower.  While the Boyfriend farted around in the kitchen and started cooking something wonderful for supper.  And now I’m relaxing.  As if nothing is different.  As if nothing happened.  Except that everything IS different and something spectacular DID happen.  And the world will never be the same.  Except it will pretty much be like it always was.  Except it will be completely different for gay people because we’ll have an option to preserve the sanctity of OUR marriages that we never had before.  And that’s everything.

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