How I Spent Pride Weekend

So, we started in Lexington, because that was the closest urban area, and then when that proved to be not exciting enough, we moved on to Louisville, and then later Cincinnati, which was even less exciting than Lexington, and I’m pretty sure at some point we were in Columbus and some little twink who had somehow landed in our party kept insisting he personally knows Sir Ian and could we could stay with him free in New York if we’d just go, and I’m pretty sure I called him a liar, but there was after that a very in-depth conversation as to whether we should just drive all night and well into the next day in order to be in New York for the big parade on Sunday, but I woke up in my own bed, so I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen.

Or, perhaps, the Boyfriend and I just had a lazy, easy weekend, going to see a movie and buying some groceries and cooking and farting around the house and being together, basking in the glow, as it were, of knowing that we were now able to engage in the same barbaric ritual, implying ownership of property rather than two people choosing to spend their lives together, as everyone else in the country.

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