Christians Who Own Subway Franchises

So, we have all these people here in Kentucky, lining up behind that bitch clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to anyone if she has to issue them to same-sex couples, claiming it violates her religious freedom rather than violating my civil fucking rights.  And I can’t help but wonder, today, how many of those in line behind her, cheering her on, all in the name of religious freedom and serving God, how many of them own Subway franchises, and how many of them plan to immediately sell their Subway franchises because the spokesperson for said franchise has admitted to crossing state lines to have sex with minors for money?  It seems to me screwing underage girls and taking advantage of their youth and ignorance is a much bigger sin in the eyes of God than two people who love each other getting married.

Then again, the B-I-B-L-E doesn’t specifically set an age limit on sexual intercourse, and if the bible doesn’t specifically say it’s wrong, it can’t be that bad, can it?  Of course it can.  Any self-respecting professed Christian should immediately sell their very profitable franchise on moral grounds, as a true expression of religious freedom, using said freedom to object to the real problems in this country instead of the imagined ones.

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