We Hope Kim Davis Burns In Hell

So, today, finally, the Supreme Court got one quick look at the request from that awful bitch Kim Davis, the County Clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, who has embarrassed that county and the entire state by refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses because she feels it would somehow invalidate her religious belief and even though we have a specific separation of church and state it somehow surely doesn’t apply to her, so she filed a lawsuit asking to be excused and her cheese-ball lawyer moved it all the way up to the Supreme Court who said “oh Hell No”. So tomorrow, this hateful awful person has to show up to work and either (a) issue marriage licenses to all couples who apply, or (b) refuse. If she refuses, the local federal judge can and should and hopefully will throw her martyr ass right in jail for about a year and let her rot.

Because seriously, this is her job. I don’t agree with everything about my job, and some parts of it I actively disagree with, but I do it, because my personal beliefs have nothing to do with it, it’s my job and I’m paid to do it and if I choose not to do it then I can just pick up my shit and leave at any time. This bitch has been collecting her $80,000 a year paycheck for the past two months for NOT doing her job. Meanwhile, she has it set for life, with speaking engagements and book offers and all sorts of Christian bullshit that will pay her more money than she has ever dreamed of.

She says she’s doing all this because of GOD. Well, bullshit. Pure Bullshit. She’s doing it to make her 15 minutes of fame last as long as possible, and the Republicans and the Religious Right are feeding her every single move, with the promises of riches untold and an even bigger reward in heaven.

Sorry, Kim, you awful hideous hateful sinful bitch, but you’ll be burning in hell. Satan has a special place at his table reserved for bigots like you, sitting right beside Adolph Hitler. Fuck You Kim Davis. You represent the very worst of all mankind. Welcome to your place in world history.

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