Horrible Awful Drivers In Kentucky

My car had all the New Age Liberal Queer bumper stickers to announce to the world that I do indeed support HRC Equality and Democrats and Vermont.  And as a result, I presumed, the horrible awful prejudiced people of Kentucky tended to ride my bumper, or pass me suddenly when I was going above and beyond the speed limit, or cut me off, or just scowl at me through the window.

But then I got a new car, without all the political Band-Aids necessary to hold the car together, and Lo, and Behold, and Surprise; it turns out the mean drivers of Kentucky are not based in politics, it’s just a matter of fact.  They are horrible and awful drivers who don’t give a shit who is in the other car, which makes me feel a little bit better, because once it’s generalized and not focused specifically on you, one doesn’t feel so marginalized and endangered.  They might shoot me through the window, but that’s just because they’re Insane, not because I’m a Queer Liberal.

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