New Gay SitCom

So, apparently gay men are still complaining that we aren’t represented appropriately on television and even though there are now officially a million gay characters on the tube, most of them are “caricatures” of gay men and gay culture.  Said gay men still complaining admit that most of us know someone who is exactly like every single said “caricature”, but since that could Never Ever Be Me, they want to stand up and be represented too.

So the Network now has me working on a pilot about two middle-aged gay guys who have a Samsung refrigerator, and one of the gay guys only uses the water feature in the door, but the other only uses the crushed ice feature in the door (never the cubes), so one is always going to get a glass of water and getting a glass of crushed ice and the other is always going to get crushed ice for his drink and getting filtered water instead.  Hilarity ensues.

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