New Gay SitCom (pt 5)

So, now that the network has started shopping this bitch out to NPH, the whole thing is fast flushing down the toilet and out to sea.  I’m already assigned the “SOS” episode, where we do something really stupid and outrageous in a last-minute but heartfelt effort to save the show from cancellation.

Since straight people apparently can’t tell gay people apart, the “normal” gay guys are now named Alex and Alec, so we’ll all know which one is which.

For the SOS episode, the entire thing will be shot using mini-cams strapped to the heads of the two dogs (now known as Hoover and Dyson) and shot live, for a unique and hilarious POV.

I tried to point out that the entire episode will just be a shoe parade, especially if NPH and David and Sir Elton are involved, because dogs tend to look down and sniff the ground rather than look up adoringly at the boys who feed them no matter what we tell ourselves, but apparently a shoe parade is exactly what NPH & Co. are looking for.  Hilarity ensues.

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