Should We Ever Meet Again

So, there was this Big Guy at work, big in the sense he was actually taller than I am but also about 100 pounds heavier, so I have no idea where he ever found a belt that fits.  But this year, I’ve noticed he must be on the same break schedule as I am, and there I see him, in the halls, speed walking with his earphones in, and I always smile broadly at him, hoping to cheer him on in his quest to become more proportional and less round.

But then, earlier this week, we ran into each other in the men’s room, and it was just the two of us, and he looked around and saw that it was just the two of us, and even though we’ve never spoken to each other, he grabs me by the lapels, throws me up against the wall, and says “Once I finish dropping this weight, I’m gonna make you my Dick Slave”, which is actually a huge compliment for folks of my generation, that he would actually work to physically change his appearance and use me as his muse and fantasy along the way.

But, times being what they are today, I had to report him to HR instead of just gloating to myself, for sexual harassment, and he got fired, which is really a shame since a friend of mine knows this guy and told me today that he actually has a humongous cock that I will now never see with mine own eyes, since I suspect he will not remember me fondly, should we ever meet again.

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