Abortion Protesters

I’m sorry, because I do believe we all have a right to be heard, but I have a real problem with these bitches carrying signs in front of the Supreme Court today saying “I Regret My Abortion”.  Not A Valid Argument.  Just Not.

That’s like saying “I Regret My First Marriage, so You Can’t Get Married Either” or “I Regret Having Children, So You Can’t Have Children Either” or “I Regret Eating That Unripe Mango For Breakfast, So You Can’t Buy Mangos or Eat Breakfast, Ever” or “I Regret Not Buying Charmin, So You Can’t Wipe Your Ass”.

Your Regrets are Your Regrets.  Not Mine.  Not Hers.  Not His.  Only Yours.  Deal With Your Own Regrets and Leave Me Out Of It.  Bitch.  Deal with your own guilt, but do not dare try to drag the rest of the world in with you.  Get a fucking therapist.

I don’t know any woman ever singing “Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah I Had An Abortion”.  It has got to be the most difficult decision any woman might ever have to make.  But it’s HER decision.  You made your decision, now live with it.  Let Her live with her decision.  And keep your fucking laws off her body.

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