Best Summer Iced Tea Ever

This is simple:  Take your favorite loose-leaf black tea, (if you’re still using tea bags, get the hell off my blog, you don’t deserve this knowledge).  Add between one and three tablespoons to your teapot, depending on the size of your teapot, (if you have a personal size teapot, one tablespoon is plenty – if you have one of those huge teapots, really, does anyone even use those anymore?)  Pour boiling water over the tea leaves until the pot is full.  Let brew.  A long time.  A long freaking time.  Like about an hour, until the boiling water is still warm but not really too hot anymore.

When the tea is more or less finished brewing, take your favorite glass tea pitcher and fill it about half way up with ice cubes.  Not a plastic pitcher, and not crushed ice.  Follow the instructions or go the hell home.  Take your favorite really good balsamic vinegar and pour it about two turns around the pitcher and directly over the ice.  Don’t use the cheap stuff.  I have a dark chocolate balsamic that is absolutely dynamite, but follow your own bliss. Slowly pour the hyper-brewed tea over the ice.  Slowly, because you don’t want the warmish liquid to freak out upon contact with the cold ice and break your pitcher.

Stir and drink.  Seriously, the balsamic gives the tea a nice full mouth-feel that is amazingly refreshing.  The ice cubes will melt and water down the tea enough that you’re not awake all night after drinking it.

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