New World Order

The world has moved on.  America has gone from a long, slow, downward spiral into a full blown free-fall from which it will never recover.  You can say it can only get better, but from this particular point in history, it will get far worse before it gets better.  The uneducated white folk have just voted in to power the very party that has oppressed them for centuries, by denying them education, health care, unions, and any chance for a better life.  All the progress made by feminists and minorities in the last decades has just been flushed own the toilet, ignored, rejected.  America is no longer the greatest nation on the planet, we’re only the greatest laughingstock.  We’ve lost all respectability.  We’re now officially a Reality TV Show, and the world watches with amusement and horror at our bad behavior and apparently unsurmountable stupidity.

I’m terrified to even leave my home.  Here in Yahoo Kentucky, the Trump fans are out in full force, driving around in their huge ultra-polluting trucks, armed to the max, just looking for any excuse to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and blow someone away.  Fear is the new world order.  And the entire planet is appalled at our insanity and stupidity and absolute lack of functioning brain cells.

This is the election won by years of drug abuse.  This is the election won by years of “right to work” states.  This is the election won by years of an underfunded educational system.  This is the election won by no access to quality health care.  This is the election won by too many military grade weapons available to pretty much anyone who wants to buy one.  This is the election won by raising generations to watch “Survivor” as quality television instead of “Jeopardy”.

It was a long time coming, but if you keep people downtrodden long enough, you can convince them of anything, even their own destruction.  And so it begins – the end.


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